Here is an example on how to export a whole folder of Dewesoft data files to a wanted file format using the sequencer. In the attachment you can find an example of this sequence.

  1. When you make this new sequence, you need to define 2 variables in the settings. Both have the Data type "Text". The first one is the file location where your data files are located and you need to write that as the Default value (this location can later be change in the sequence). The second variable is the current file name. Here you need to leave the default value empty.  

  2. For the first block we use a calculation block where we set the folder location for the data files.

  3. In the second block we search for the first file in the previously selected folder that has the .d7d extension and we write that files name in the CurrentFileName variable.

  4. We then use the If block to check if the file exists. If it does we load the file, export it to the wanted format and in the end we search for the next file which has the .d7d extension.

  5. If we don't have any more .d7d files in the folder (the "If" block detects that), we search for files that have the .dxd extension. Point 4. is then repeated for .dxd files.